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Okay, you have a body under your clothes. I was worried they would blame me for having taken the photo. But try to remind yourself that none of this is as insurmountable as it seems. You can file DMCA takedown letters and, in California, file for an aforementioned restraining order in family court, with a how-to guide here without the help of an attorney. Without My Consent has a comprehensive guide to state-by-state civil, criminal, and family laws governing revenge porn, but note that only New York, Michigan, New Jersey, Virginia, and Washington have strong enough eCrime and law enforcement laws to pass muster. This includes: 1 date of occurrence, 2 what happened, 3 evidence that it happened, 4 who you think did it, 5 evidence that they did it, and 6 evidence you still need and information on who might have it.

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They can help identify the perpetrators by grabbing their IP addresses; provide consultation on legal countermeasures; and help set victims up with affordable attorneys.

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Though nonconsensual porn distribution victimizes people of all genders, women are disproportionately affected, and are about 1. CCRI also has a list on their website of attorneys who will similarly take on pro bono revenge porn clients. Legitimate pornography websites like Pornhub will also take down any video or photographs uploaded without consent you can file a request through their content removal portal. This is especially true for big social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

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