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Then of course there was the agony in his left leg. Want to see more posts tagged gil x ryder? Ryder readjusted so he was sitting cross-legged, hands fiddling in his lap while he waited. Gil: So I have to know, do I introduce you to Jill as my friend who likes to flirt or… my guy? Just to make it easier to find writing for Gil and Ryder, could we make the tag gilder fic a thing?

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Melany. Age: 29.
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Gil came back a moment later with a bottle and two glasses.

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Teresa. Age: 20.
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'Mass Effect: Andromeda' Romance Options: Fans are pissed Scott Ryder can't romance Jaal

Gil : Hey Ryder, what's the story? Where would he live in Heleus? Later on when I was going to meet jill my father tried to take the TV I told him id be like 5 minutes cause I just wanted to meet Jill first. He dropped down beside him and poured them each a glass of beer.

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