Spanked in front of friends

spanked in front of friends
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At any rate that's neither here nor there really. After mom return and she started gossiping with the girl, in between mom keep on lecturing me too. I was 14 may be and this girl was like 2 years older than me. Did you get spanked as a child by your parents? Have you ever witnessed a friend get spanked? I refused because I wanted to chat with my friends. The spanking was hard and good, but I did not cry.

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Heavenly. Age: 20.
spanked in front of friends

So she just gave a very light spank with the ruler on the bottom of my nose to embarrass my nose slightly.

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Hallie. Age: 30.
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Spanked in front her friends

I can remember an occasion which was particularly embarrassing when I was spanked in front of a neighborhood girl. I got off the bed realizing then I was nude, I grabbed some clothes got dressed, got dressed, and stayed with the neighbor for the afternoon. When mum finished she asked neighbour for a pair of scissors. Related Questions Have you ever spanked your spouse publicly?

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